Cellular Theory

Cellular Theory, Vol.1

Produced by Emile Furieux productions, this first chapter of the Cellular Theory reveals in images and music the thousand and one functions that make up the tool box that is La Cellule !

More chapters and pictures coming soon.

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About us

A network of professionals working in event organisation

La Cellule is conceiving, managing and accompanying cultural projects both in France and on an international scale.

La Cellule has a real passion for street arts, and cultivates what is “different and unusual”. 20 industry professionals form the basis of this network; each having over 15 years experience in investing the public space with spectacular shows. They all attach great value to welcoming various acts, exchanges and working as a collective.

In biology, the activity of an organism depends on both the individual and collective activity of its cells. In a similar way, La Cellule’s network strengthens itself by bringing together each member’s skills and personal experiences.

Just like in street arts, La Cellule looks for both accessibility and quality. Flexibility, professionalism, and a rapid accommodation to every request has become our signature.

La Cellule : a tool box

La Cellule is multi-skilled and multilingual, and stretches out to conceive cultural projects into a full technical production, as well as providing consulting, training, and artistic advice…

Cultural engineering & technical tool

A cultural engineering tool

La Cellule initiates innovative projects. Our network’s accumulated experience enables us to identify and anticipate everyone’s specific needs. Attentive to what’s happening on the ground, La Cellule’s professionals can indentify potential problems and solve them creatively.

Especially attentive to the street arts sector, we work towards developing it through by creating new networks and new methods of production.

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Technical tool

La Cellule makes itself available to any organisation undertaking a project in the street arts sector, be it on a local, national or international scale.

Our reactivity and flexibility allow us to offer creative solutions, adapting themselves to the audience you aim for, the architecture and layout of the performance space, your financial means and the colours and emotions that motivate you.

The skills of our network fulfill every request: artistic advice, technical or logistical missions, translation, catering…

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Accompaniment and training

A tool for transmitting and developing skills and know-how

La Cellule is well positioned in the accompaniment and training sector. From welcoming artists in residence to administrative and technical accompaniment, we support new creations that seem to be relevant in a public space.

La Cellule La Cellule invests itself from the very beginning of all its projects, the end goal being to achieve complete autonomy for the project. In a broader sense, La Cellule is committed itself to the training sector.

La Cellule offers advice in both management and human resources, brings its skills and knowledge into training programs, and passes its experience through a system of local accompaniment for associations.

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La Cellule is a network of professionals in event and live show production that directs, programs and accompanies cultural projects in both France and Europe.
Co-ordination, promotion and production of artistic creations. Training, translation, marketing, consultancy, cultural engineering,
organisation and production of performances, events and festivals, particularly in the area of Street Arts and Circus.
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